Sustainability - leaving our businesses,
organizations, communities and the
world in better shape than when
we first arrived.

Landmark incorporated financial planning, wealth management and other related services in a multi family office platform almost 15 years ago. High net worth families, as well as those with more modest wealth can now receive the expertise and personalized attention usually available only to the very wealthy.

Landmark is an independently-owned company. Our clients receive tailored and objective advice free from pressure or conflicts. We do not receive any compensation from the sale of investments nor do we have any proprietary products.

Our Family Office Directors are thorough and present research, analysis as well as options and recommendations in a straightforward and easily understood manner. Our families are kept informed through personal contact on a regular basis and are encouraged to contact us frequently so that they are able to make timely and effective decisions.

Our compensation structure is flexible and competitive.
We are engaged by families or individuals for a variety of reasons from addressing a single problem or concern up to and including developing and implementing a comprehensive wealth management strategy or managing a multigenerational wealth transfer plan.

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