When there is TRUST, people can
give more, venture more
and think more freely.

Landmark's commitment is to deliver clarity and confidence to our clients and to respect and protect the privacy and confidentiality of personal and business information that is entrusted to us in the course of rendering our services.

We maintain high security standards to ensure the protection of all data entrusted to us. During the course of our relationship consent for release of information to a third party is voluntary. No personal, financial or business information is released to a third party without your consent unless the need to do so is implicit in the services identified in our letters of engagement.

As a condition of working with us, we ask each person associated with Landmark Advantage to conform to our policies and procedures for protection of any confidential personal, business and financial information they have access to. 

In order to preserve the information for regulatory bodies, governmental and professional purposes, we retain and safeguard each client's information for as long as we determine is necessary (no longer than 6 years) even if you leave our organization