Clarity and Confidence
- focused on ensuring
long-term financial security through the 
 accumulation, management, protection
and transfer of "family wealth".

Landmark has the infrastructure and the expertise needed to extract critical and relevant information based on our unique, integrated wealth management process and provide feedback to you and your family to make informed decisions without getting bogged down in the details.

With your family's values at the core, we reach out to your other trusted advisors and work collaboratively to determine the priorities and put together creative solutions for accumulating, managing, protecting and transferring your family wealth.

Our Services Include:

Strengthening your Financial Foundation
·    Lifestyle Planning
·    Tax and Estate Planning
·    Retirement Planning
·    Insurance Needs Analysis
·    Monitoring for Risks and Opportunities

Customized Investment and Portfolio Management
·    Investment Policy Statements
·    Targeted Asset Allocation
·    Investment Management, Selection and Monitoring
·    Consolidated Reporting and Fee Analysis

Business and Succession Planning
·    Corporate Reorganizations
·    Exit Strategies

Family Continuity and Multi Generational Services
·    Financial Education and Coaching
·    Family Governance
·    Family Meetings
·    Philanthropy

Managing the Process for Implementing Recommended Strategies
·    Sourcing expertise in the industry as necessary
·    Preparing Price/Benefit Analysis to support decision making
·    Evaluating and Communicating the impact of decisions being made

Record Keeping and Information Management
·    Establishing and Monitoring Benchmarks for Success
·    Customized Reporting for Communication purposes
·    Consolidated Corporate and Financial record keeping

We can also assist with difficult life transitions such as estate and divorce settlements.